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Cambodian Investment Holding Group (CIH) was established in 2018. We are a large-scale regional investment group across countries and platforms. Investing rapidly in various industries involving the national economy and people's livelihoods based on solid capital strength and top investment professionals, the group built an industrial ecosystem that included aviation, logistics, banking, insurance, and others.

With the increasing economic integration of the ASEAN Economic Community, Southeast Asia is becoming the most dynamic region for global economic growth. Taking advantage of regional development strategy, the group actively responded to the “One Belt One Road”

Initiative in setting up a link between resources and market; whilst committed to becoming a top-grade international enterprise, that possesses strong industrial infrastructure, flexible business model, significant comprehensive advantages, and efficient operation management system.


Currently, the group is catering to the new wave of Chinese companies going overseas and is still seeking investment and cooperation opportunities in more markets with growth potential, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore; the group is also committed to providing business services from more dimensions to those companies entering these promising markets.

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