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As a result of years of intensive cultivation within this region, the group has accumulated rich investment experience. The group can provide one-stop support services for companies looking to expand in Southeast Asia. There are many areas where the group can offer services, including financial capital, human resources, political connections, logistics, insurance, and legal consulting. Our service is to maximize the protection of enterprises' investments and interests, avoid potential risks in a legal and compliant manner, and facilitate enterprise establishment and development.




Company Services

Company Service

Company Services

Business Registration Photo.jpg

Business Registration

  • Registration services for new companies

  • Registration of trademarks and patents

  • Registration of qualified investment projects (QIPs)

  • Licensing applications from relevant authorities

  • Information changes for the company

  • Cancellation of a company

Audit services.jpg

Audit Services

  • Issuing an audit report

  • Capital verification report

  • Handling audit services in corporate mergers, divisions, and liquidations, and issuing relevant report

Accounting services Photo.jpg

Accounting Services

  • Reporting and claiming on a monthly and annual basis 

  • Preparation of monthly and annual accounting books

  • Declaration of the Social Security Fund

  • Analyzing financial statement

Tax Services Photo.jpg

Tax Services 

  • Analyzing the tax risks of acquisitions

  • Assistance with tax audits

  • Tax and Financial Consulting

  • Tax penalty handling

Logistics services.jpg

Logistics Services

  • Land transportation, air transportation, sea transportation, multimodal transportation, etc.

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